Food Turkey

Complete food for dogs
Composition: 70% Turkey meat, 28,8% Broth, 1% Minerals, 0,1% Linseed Oil, 0,1% Herb Mix.
Analytical components: proteïn 10,9%; fat 5,9%; crude ash 2,4%; crude fiber 0,4%; moisture 75%
Additives/kg: Nutritional Additives: Vitamin D3 200 I.U.; Zinc sulphate 15 mg; Manganese(II) sulfate 3 mg; Calcium iodate 0,75 mg.

The daily individual needs of your dog depends on other factorssuch as breed and activity. Serve at room temperature. After opening store in a cool place and consume within 2 days.

Weight dog (kg) Feeding guide per day (gr)
5 350
15 800
25 1200


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